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IManE 2015 International Conference PROGRAM:

May 21-22, 2015, Iaşi-Romania

Over 50 years of „TCM” branding


A pdf Conference PROGRAM can be found: HERE.

Plenary Session. Invited keynote speakers:

Nagi NAGANATHAN, University of Toledo, USA

Loredana SANTO, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, ITALY
Self-repairing Behavior of Shape Memory Composites

Grzegorz KROLCZYK, Opole University, POLAND
Surface Morphology in Production Processes in Context of Metal Forming

Ioan MARINESCU, University of Toledo, USA
Research & Development, the Key for Success in Academia

Adrian HOMUTESCU, Continental Automotive ROMÂNIA
Regenerative Drum Brake Concept

Birgit Kjærside STORM, Embla/Aalborg University, DENMARK
From Fishing Net to Granules and Recycled Steel – An Eco innovation project

Marius SPIROIU, Bogdan ABAZA, Marian GHEORGHE, Politehnica University of Bucharest, ROMÂNIA
Achievements of the Partnership between University Politehnica of Bucharest and Renault Technologie Roumanie;

Apostolos KORLOS, Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, GREECE
Research Activities in the Laboratory of Machine Tools and Manufacturing


Section A: Advanced Machining Technologies and Surface Engineering
Experimental Research of Effective Cutting Speed Influence on Surface Roughness in Ball End Milling of C45 Material with Hardness 54 HRC, authors: S. RAVAI NAGY, I. PAŞCA, M. LOBONŢIU AND M. BANICA;
Application of Taguchi’s Method in the Influence Study of Machining Parameters on Surface Roughness of 7136 Aluminum Alloy in End Milling, author: B. BONTIU POP
The Influence of Cutting Regimes on the Obtained Surface Quality through the Milling of Vulcanized Rubber, authors: B.E. MOCERNEAC AND M. LOBONȚIU

Section B: Forming Technologies
Leveling Quality Prediction Algorithm, authors: C. MAIER AND R. GAUTHIER
The Influnce of some Parameters on the Quality of Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Cups without a Blank Holder, authors: D. CHIORESCU, G. NAGÎȚ AND O. DODUN
Effect of the Injection Moulding Parameters on the Creep Properties in Polypropylene/Carbon Nanotubes Composites, authors: A. CANTARAGIU, F. STAN, C. FETECAU AND I.-.L. SANDU

Section C: Electrophysical Technologies in Manufacturing
Influence of Layer Thickness on Internal Structure of Parts Manufactured from 316-L Steel Using SLM Technology, authors: G.R. BUICAN, G. OANCEA, C. LANCEA AND M.A. POP
On Correlation of Pulses and Tool Elongations at Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining Aided by Ultrasonics, authors: D. GHICULESCU, N. MARINESCU, T. KLEPKA AND N. CARUTASU

Section D: Welding and Assembly Technologies in Manufacturing
Friction Stir Welding of Composite Materials with Metallic Matrix: A Brief Review, author: A. BOSNEAG

Section E: Advanced Materials
Effect of Surface Preparation and Passivation Treatment on Surface Topography of Ti6Al4V for Dental Implants, author: G. STRNAD;
Internal Energy Use in Calculating the Lifetime of 2P Armor Steel, authors: V. ZICHIL, A. JUDELE, A. ALBUT, C. SCHNAKOVSZKY, A. SAVA AND P. LOZOVANU;
Quantification of Fe-Base Alloy Degradation after Immersion Test, authors: F. SANDULACHE, S. STANCIU, R. CIMPOEŞU, M. RAȚOI AND N. CIMPOEŞU;

Section F.1: Researching and Designing of Machine Parts and Mechanisms I
Optimization Design of a 500 kN Workover Rig Mast after Computer Simulated Overload Test, authors: L.S. STANCIU AND I. POPA

Section F2: Researching and Designing of Machine Parts and Mechanism II
Design Aspects of a New Device for Ankle Rehabilitation, authors: C. RACU AND I. DOROFTEI
A study of Specimens with Stress Concentrators in Multiaxial Tests, authors: A. COMANICI, V. GOANTA, P.D. BARSANESCU AND L. ANDRUSCA
Element Free Galerkin Formulation for Problems in Composite Micromechanics, authors: V.E. ROŞCA, N. ŢĂRANU, L. BEJAN and A.O. AXINTE

Section G: Researching and Designing of Manufacturing Equipment
Devices and Equipment for Mixing Granular Materials in Industry, authors: J.B. KROLCZYK AND S. LEGUTKO

Section H: CAD/CAM/CAE Technologies in Design and Manufacturing
Shape Recognition and Measurement of Position and Orientation of Different Parts Produced within a Manufacturing Process, authors: V. COHAL AND A. COHAL

Section J: Production Management
The Optimal Allocation of Unloading / Loading Ramps in Distribution Centers, authors: S. OLTEANU, F.V. RUSCA, M.A. ROSCA AND E. ROSCA
Comparison of the Assembly Line and Cell Assembly – a Case Study in Mechanical Engineering Company, authors: P. GROBELNY, Ł. FURMAŃSKI, J.B. KROLCZYK AND S. LEGUTKO
Some Aspects about Product Management of Electric Arc Furnace Elements, authors: A. IOANA, A. SEMENESCU, D. MARCU, M. POLLIFRONI AND M. BŘEZINOVÁ

Section K: Tribology and Transport
Vertical Loads Introduced by Wind on the Active Pantograph Placed on the Bodywork Electric Locomotive LE 060 Ea of 5100 kW, author: Sorin ARSENE
Reliability Analysis of Railway Freight Wagon Wheelset, author: Marius Adrian SPIROIU
Development of Non-motorized Infrastructure Network in Oradea City Using Dijkstra Algorithm in ArcGIS, authors: A. ILIE, C. STEFANICA, O. DINU, F. RUSCA AND Ş. BURCIU

Section L: Product Quality and Design
Some Aspects Concerning the Period of -Automotive Air Filters Replacement on the Basis of their Technical Conditions, authors: M. TOMA, C. ANDREESCU AND N. NEGURESCU;
Determination and Control of Key Characteristics as Part of Planning Quality of the Product Development Process, authors: D. TIUC, G. DRAGHICI, L. PARVU AND B. ENACHE;
The Influence of Manufacturing and Material Quality on Space Maintainers Longevity, authors: I. MARTU, I. LUCHIAN, C. DANILA, C. MARTU, E.S. BARCA AND M.A. BELDIMAN.